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        Stability and solubility of sodium carbonate is introduced
        時間 :2018-11-06 21:57  點擊量:

        Sodium carbonate in the daily life and are widely used in industrial and agricultural production, whose nature has a lot of, today we introduce you the stability of sodium carbonate and solubility:
        1, stability, strong stability, but also can be decomposed under high temperature, produce sodium oxide and carbon dioxide. Long-term exposure to the air can absorb moisture and carbon dioxide in the air, produce sodium bicarbonate, and form a lump. Hygroscopicity strong, easy to form a lump, also do not break down at high temperature. Containing water of crystallization of sodium carbonate has 3 kinds: Na2CO3 · H2O, Na2CO3 · 7 H2O and Na2CO3 10 H2O.
        2, solubility: soluble in water, slightly soluble in anhydrous ethanol, not soluble in propanol. Soluble in water, sodium carbonate is a kind of strong alkali, salt soluble in water after hydrolysis reaction, make show alkaline solution, has certain corrosion resistance, can reacts with the acid, generate the corresponding salt and gives off carbon dioxide.
        Above is the introduction of stability and the solubility of sodium carbonate, hope to be of help.

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