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        Hello, welcome to the Weifang Ocean fortune chemical Co., Ltd. website!

        Sincere cooperation, the source integrity

        Weifang Ocean fortune chemical Co., Ltd.

        Weifang Ocean fortune chemical Co., Ltd.

        Weifang Ocean fortune chemical Co., Ltd. is an international trading company. It is located in Weifang Binhai Economic Development Zone -a leading chemical base in China, on the seashore of Laizhou Bay in the North-West of World Kite Capital -Weifang City. Our company is provided with a superior location and convenient transportation: the railway “Dalailong” runs through this area and our company is very close to Weifang Port.

        We supply soda ash, calcium chloride, white carbon black, sodium silicate (water glass), potassium sulfate, magnesium chloride, sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate, PVC, urea and other chemicals along with building materials, mechanical parts, electrical instruments, mechanical equipment , chemical accessories. Our products are popular both in China and abroad, many of our products are exported to Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Europe, United States, Middle East etc.

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        We have the advantage of

        Product since its launch, with excellent quality and outstanding reputation, won the customer high praise, product sales areas throughout the country, and there are a lot of products exported to South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Europe, America, Middle East and so on all over the world...

        • Product standards 5

          Products meet

        • Certificate of CCS 11

          11 national certificate
          of permission

        • Product categories 10+

          With high quality products

        The main products

        Company's main products

        "/ soda ash (heavy alkali), sodium carbonate, sodium carbonate/soda ash (light alkali),
        Calcium chloride, sodium silicate solid (paohuajian), ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate...

        Technical support


        Research and development

        With the technological requirement of seriation, form a complete set to change, each enterprise intelligent and engineering research and development

        Production ability

        The user is our everything. We will be responsible for each process, product, each user is responsible for.

        The enterprise culture

        Actively adapt to the new normal economy, put forward by the implementation of the central "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing" concept of development.

        Management concept

        With innovative services, leading the industry new formats! Carefully think about the future, seize the major trend, little light, also can become big business!

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